Midlife Crisis

I never introduced myself, which was rude…

I am 47 and three quarters, mostly bald, and struggling with being human.

Three kids from two failed marriages. And inner conflicts wherever I look.

Mainly concerned with learning to pay more attention. Especially to who I am and accepting that gladly. Which requires a certain amount of experimentation, of course.

I do a lot of things (not always consistently) but one of them is write occasional poetry, which has the redeeming quality of being heartfelt. For people further down the road to enlightenment than me (I am sure you are legion) then my musings may seem stunted.

Various people have been encouraging me to blog for the longest time. Thus far I have resisted that, mainly because of a sense that

a) No-one would really be interested in reading it; and

b) That I even worry about whether it would be read is itself problematic.

I no longer care whether you read it or not, or what you think of it.

It is me.

Something else I have dabbled with for a few years is internet dating. It has been something of a crash course in humility. Dating in your forties has considerable difficulties and I may at times get fixated on them a little.


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