Curve Ball

…everything was fine.

Stability, Tick.

Security, Tick.

Simplicity, Tick.

The roller-coaster had been dismantled and packed away in crates. The Theme Park was now a boating lake. I was blissfully snoozing out in a rowboat in the sunshine with a hat perched low and resting on my nose, a cat curled on my knees, my radio playing all my favourite songs on repeat. I’ve turned off the internet and ditched my phone. It couldn’t be more peaceful.

Then someone throws me a curve ball.

It comes screaming out of the sky, knocks my hat clean off. This… tornado … smashes through the boat and I cling to the flotsam while the lake turns to a torrent and I paddle furiously to stay afloat. The cat sits apart swaying on her own hunk of wood and stares at me I told you so – peace doesn’t suit you.

Eh. The current catches me again. I’m a pebble. I’m a fish tossed back on the shore and gasping for breath.


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