Thursday, Doughnut, Thief

My 10 year old son, Stan, has Aspergers.

It is interesting.

Dad, can we play Thursday, Doughnut, Thief?

Not heard of that one. How do we play?

Well its like scissors paper stone but instead it’s Thursday, Doughnut, Thief. I invented it. Thursday beats doughnut.

M’kay why does Thursday beat Doughnut?

Because the doughnut shop is closed on Thursdays, of course. And Thief beats Thursday because that’s the day they can rob the doughnut shop.

Of course. And doughnut beats thief because policemen like doughnuts?

Yes! Dad, you’re a genius.

So we play a little. My 8 year old daughter wants to join in  but it is only a game for two. I suggest that maybe we can take turns and the winner of the next game between me and Stan can play Georgia. Stan gives this a little thought.

Mmm. Why does Georgia get to be the prize?

Oh Stan. Of course Georgia gets to be the prize. She is a great prize. Anyone would want a Georgia. I turn to her now and suggest we should hold a raffle and she can be the star prize, in fact. She has a bit of a think too.

OK dad. We can have a raffle and I can be the prize, but only if you promise to have the winning ticket.

This is, of course, priceless. Perfect. Life-affirming. Heart-warming. It is also, for me, heartbreaking but I save the tears for later, when she cannot see.

Stan’s turn now.

When we finish playing this game, can we play Hubba Hubba Tennis please?

Yes, OK. We haven’t played that in a while.


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