Two Women

I have no idea what it’s like for other men, I can only speak for myself.

From time to time my attention is caught. Snagged. You are walking along and suddenly your whole body is jerked backwards because a loop on your coat has caught on something, unawares. These days I have a tendency to respond to that like a bull in a china shop. Not always advisedly.

Generally, it’s just the one snag at a time. I am therefore at something of a loss to find myself doubly caught. It certainly wasn’t planned and I wasn’t looking for it. I did not even think I was built that way.

Both are from the same country, and its not England. It’s South Africa.

One isn’t really available. We chat. After a bit of an explosive meltdown we are just friends.

The other I have no way of contacting directly. It’s more of a slow orbit, and at some considerable geographical distance.

Both are hugely impractical. But practicality rarely interferes¬†with that moment when you are stopped in your tracks, or at least not with me it doesn’t. I never was big on pragmatic.


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