A Christmas Card from Tom Waits

I said I was taking a break but sod it…it’s Christmas Eve.

I like Christmas. Really. Always have.

I like sneaking into the kids’ bedroom when they’re asleep and filling their stockings. I like being woken up at the crack of dawn. I like handing my wife her Christmas present and sneaking a kiss before we get dragged downstairs. I like the flurry of wrapping paper as they tear into the boxes under the tree. I like preparing the turkey and filling the table with a feast. I like the crap jokes in the crackers.

I was recently prompted to kick up Tom Waits on my stereo again. He’s singing to me now…

I’ve got a bad liver and a broken heart…
Yeah I drunk me a river since you tore me apart

I’ve opened my bottle of Christmas port and I’m drinking it straight from the bottle. Screw the commercialism. Screw the cynicism. You don’t have to buy into all that. It’s a time for your family.

And it’s time, time, time….

Yeah….it’s time.

So put a candle in the window
And a kiss upon his lips
Till the dish outside the window fills with rain
Just like a stranger with the weeds in your heart
And pay the fiddler off till I come back again

 It’s a Christmas Card from a hooker in Minneapolis.

hey Charley for chrissakes
do you want to know the truth of it?

Merry Christmas. One and all.


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