2015 in Film

This whole “not blogging for a bit” thing isn’t really happening for me. I may be developing a bit of a writing problem…. I was thinking of positives in 2015. What films have I seen at the cinema? I have some small-ish children so we have:

Minions, Home, Big Hero Six, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out,
Shaun the Sheep, Pixels, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

I actually really love the craft of animated films. It’s impressive, and the plotlines are usually fabulous. Except Spongebob. That was two hours of my life I shall never get back. The best of this bunch was certainly The Good Dinosaur, a film I would be proud to have written myself. Twin themes of family and the overcoming of fear, both subjects dear to my heart.

Adult stuff? A bit thin.

Inherent Vice (with best mate)
Kon-tiki (in Norwegian with subtitles)
Second Best Marigold Hotel (with psycho-woman)
Big Eyes
Theory of Everything

I have no idea why I went to see Kon-Tiki. There is only so much dramatic tension to be had in half a dozen men sitting on a raft and, well…just floating. That was my first foray out with a local film appreciation group. It was also my last. It resembled a day trip from the local hospital’s Brain Injuries Unit. Marigold and Theory made me cry. So did some of the kids’ films if I’m honest.

I live in hope that one day I will see a better film than Cinema Paradiso, but I doubt it. It covers everything – love, loss, remembrance, growing-up, home, belonging, friendship, dislocation. All the things my blog purports to be about, one way or another.

I have a ritual. Every new girlfriend got to see Cinema Paradiso. I must have seen it a dozen times now and the end still makes me cry every time. (I don’t inflict it on my children though, they need to be older to appreciate it). I’ve yet to meet someone that really gets it. Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong.

I never watched it with this year’s fling though. We didn’t really do things like watch films. She always just wanted to go to bed. After a few weeks she did confess to being an emotionally grasping nymphomaniac (her words, I kid you not) which is roughly when I should have voted with my feet, but did I? Did I heck. *sigh*

She complained that her previous boyfriend had been impotent but I reckon he was just normal and couldn’t keep up.  He was a lot younger than me so I’m vaguely pleased I could rise to the occasion. The denouement was after four long hard months, at a music festival. I wanted to…watch some music. I think she just wanted to spend all weekend in the tent.  I took a mountain of unexplained flak before she got in the car and drove back to Yorkshire without me. Left in the middle of a field. I felt….discarded.

But I digress. I recommend Cinema Paradiso (NOT the Director’s Cut which ruined it) and The Good Dinosaur, if you haven’t seen them.

OK back to *not blogging*. As if.



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