Am I the only one who gets a bit frustrated with this medium?

Take my post from yesterday, The Finding. Even on my PC there were a couple of lines that broke over two lines when they were supposed to run across the page.

I just read it on my phone and it’s butchered, none of the form is left and it’s left fractured.

Perhaps I need to use a different template as right now its tough to get anything down that isn’t written in short lines, and even then, the phone version is likely to mash it up.

*scratches head*




2 thoughts on “Formatting

  1. I changed the theme. It works better for big-screen viewing of words. A slide out sidebar would have been nicer but I couldn’t find a free theme that had that and I was completely happy with. A friend just told me that iPhones don’t chop up content on screen the way my Android does. It may be that blogs, poetry and Android phones just don’t mix and you can’t do anything about that. Any comments on the new look welcome!

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