Is he too Jewish?

I was chatting online last year to a woman who was adamant she wanted to be “just friends”. Out of the blue she asked

Paul, are you circumcised?

This is, of course, a question that I am regularly asked by casual acquaintances, shop staff, waitresses and charity blaggers.

Two possible explanations sprang to mind.

  1. The state of my genitals was of some interest to her; or
  2. She was worried I was secretly Jewish and had been hiding this from her.

Either is possible. I habitually sport a black fedora which, apparently, makes me look “a bit Jewish”. Last spring I was approached by a man in the public toilets at Bradford train station. He peered at me, and my hat, and asked me outright

Excuse me, but are you Jewish? 

I wouldn’t have minded but I was using the urinal so….Duh.


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