Daily Grind

Professionally, January is always my busiest month, and this year it has been exacerbated by factors beyond my control.

Like me being a bit barmy.

It’s 10pm, I only just got home, and I shall be lucky to have a week when I work under 70 hours between now and 1st February.  So that long blog post I mostly wrote in my head in bed last night? It will just have to wait.

In other news, I read today that:

“Accessing porn sites is self-soothing for those struggling to cope with the world and/or frustrated by their inability to control it”

It went on to suggest counselling to deal with the underlying anxiety.

Self-soothing? Well that’s a new euphemism on me. Honestly. If any of that’s true, there just aren’t enough counsellors on the planet to meet the anticipated demand.


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