Why I went off Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is the poster boy for rational atheism.

In theory I should like him. So what’s up?

I think the problem is that I am uneasy with the viewpoint that rational thought is the answer to everything. It’s good for many things, yes, but the application of the rational problem-solving aspect of our minds does not always fit the situation. He perhaps exemplifies the attitude that all you need to do is establish a few facts, furnish some evidence, and ta-daaa you have an answer. You are right. You cannot be contradicted.

But there is no quicker way to lose your audience than to declare that you must be right.

In the end humans are not entirely rational. We are not machines. And any world-view that assumes that rationality will solve everything ignores that. So anyone with any sense of their own humanity will naturally react against anyone declaring that every answer may be scientifically deduced, proved and determined. In fact, it will repulse them. It denies the reality of emotion.

I’m an atheist (as well as ex-physicist and sometime poet).

But I think you have an issue when men (or women) then mistake themselves for Gods.

From the enlightenment onwards we have had every sort of -ism thrown at us from every quarter as Man has slowly fallen ever more in love with his own power and cleverness, a steadily increasing tide of hubris. It is the age of pride.

I long to put a cloth bag over His head, haul him to a mountain top, sink Him to his knees, rip it off and say Look! Just…look…at all this.

Just look.


2 thoughts on “Why I went off Richard Dawkins

  1. My cousin had him as a professor and she’s a staunch Roman Catholic (but very nice). He said he was cunty because he is rather full of himself and leaves no room for anyone else’s opinions. However, she of course respects him and had fun debating with him on a variety of topics. Still, he’s rather big headed.

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