There have been a lot of inches written about Bowie and how he radically altered our perceptions of sex and gender, a cultural turning point.


I specifically avoided writing a “Bowie Piece”. It’s too easy to point and say “Look over there, wasn’t that amazing!” Blah blah blah.

Instead I wrote Pink and fluffy, a more straightforward personal narrative of my own (mis)adventures with London drag queens, women’s clothing and occasional uneasy ambivalence. I didn’t mention Bowie once.

It wasn’t popular. Less “Likes” than any other post of mine this year. Limited views. Meanwhile, everyone was raving about the Bowie “sea change.” One that never happened. People still, on the whole, make the sign of the cross and start shaking the garlic when confronted with a more personalised reflection. Not in my back yard, thanks.

I still love “Hunky Dory” though. A taste of musical brilliance.


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