Serial Killer!

That woman who wanted to know if I was circumcised? (keep up…) Well, tonight she was all…

If you were more confident you would probably be a serial killer

Now just one doggone minute…

But Paul, you live in Leeds!


Well OK you’ve got me there. Let me just get my copy of Serial Killing for Dummies off the shelf and…yes! Top 10 cities in the world for crazed psychotic murderers and Leeds is right there on the list. In the UK only Ipswich rates higher.

Do I have some sort of beacon on my head? That attracts this sort of thing? *sigh*

I can’t quite work out if this is better or worse than when my second (ex) wife calmly informed me that she would be better off if I was dead (that was the clincher in the she-is-serious-about-divorce-stakes).

Well. Gotta dash. I have a couple of victims in the cellar awaiting some casual torture. If I leave them much longer they will be wanting a cheese sandwich first.


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