Still not about depression

I am still as determined as ever not to make this a blog about my occasional depression.

I mean, I had a good long run without any problems. Well over 3 years. And I’m already over the worst of my most recent spat.

Honestly, the low mood doesn’t bother me that much. You can filter that out like white noise once you know its name. It’s the diminished motivation and energy that gets you. On a good day you can operate at 50% capacity. On bad days it’s more like 5%.

It’s important not to fall into the trap of looking at everything that needs to be done and thinking the world will end if you don’t manage. It won’t. You just need to become a ruthless prioritiser. What really needs to get done is quite a short list.

I am sure that to the casual observer my life is currently in a state of chaos. No, it’s just pared down to the essentials. It’s illuminating.



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