I’ve been hit by a truck

Oof. I ache all over.

Last night I went to Sunrise, an evening of psytrance. A sub-genre of dance music not popular for…ooo… 15 years, and so obscure that even with people travelling from as far away as Scotland, Wales and the South coast, there were still maybe only 800 of us there.

I had a great time. Easily the best night’s dancing I’ve had for many years, and I staggered out at 5am a very happy man. Early doors a kind chap spotted my floor-filling potential and gave me his glowstick, which was nice, and gave me carte blanche to demonstrate how and why a mis-spent youth in gay clubs means you can own a floor full of heterosexual men. I was also there on my own which meant that I pretty much had free reign to do as I damn well pleased. And I don’t think my beatific dimpled grin left my face once.

My eldest son (16) thinks it is amusing I still do this at my age. I wasn’t the oldest guy there, not by a long chalk, but it was nice to see that there was a sizeable contingent of young ‘uns who have discovered this music. One of these days I will have to take him. That will be interesting….

It’s nice to be out doing things I love. I have compromised too much, in this life. And you only get one.


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