My admiration for Kim Addonizio’s writing is no secret, and I just finished her short story collection The Palace of Illusions. I was blown away by it and it made me laugh out loud while reading alone…twice.

I was so taken by it I tracked down her personal website and sent her a quick email simply thanking her for writing such a wonderful book.

She replied. This internationally renowned poet with a Hollywood actress daughter took the brief time to acknowledge my thank you, and say she appreciated me letting her know I had enjoyed her book.

I was riotously happy. I danced around the kitchen. I may have to print it out and frame it.

These days I try and remember…always…to fire off a quick email or text thank you whenever I have appreciated something. I try and acknowledge the thankyous that I receive. It doesn’t take long, and the rewards far outweigh the effort, for everyone.


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