My cat needs therapy

I have a cold.

Yesterday that meant dosing up on drugs and hiding under a duvet on the sofa. Which was great, except that it meant that I was horizontal. And as soon as that happens my cat Rosie goes nuts for me.

Vertical Paul, she can take or leave, but as soon as I lie down she is there in five seconds flat. On my upper chest. Rubbing her head in my face. Trying to groom me. Purring like a power generator. Eventually I’m lucky if she settles into being a furry vibrating collar.

At night it’s the same, and it is hard to sleep with a chin and mouth covered with a warm hairy lump in constant undulation. Patiently I “suggest” that maybe next to me is preferable (I don’t want to hurt her feelings)  but she always tries to get back on. After a few iterations I can generally persuade her that coiled up under an armpit works OK for both of us.

I have never known such a clingy cat (but only if I am lying down). I try telling her she is not a limpet, that she is supposed to be independently feline, but to no avail. I blame it on poor personal boundary issues, and deep-rooted insecurities from kittenhood.



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