Cats and dogs (and maybe a panda)

In yesterday’s post I left a couple of people off my dinner party list that should have been in there. Chris Morris. And Mariella Frostrup. I’d like to say the latter is on account of her marvellous advice column in The Observer but in reality it’s just that I could listen to her voice all evening without complaint. And poor Kim shouldn’t be the only woman present.

This weekend my son informed me that he has decided that fat cats are better than thin cats. They are more fluffy and pleasing to have on your lap. In contrast, apparently, thin dogs are better than fat dogs because they “are more like a dog”.

I am sure there is a great metaphor in there somewhere but I’ll be buggered if I can put my finger on it. Although, having seen “Kung Fu Panda 3” with him yesterday, it should maybe also be mentioned that at the end of the day a panda is a panda, and not a goose.



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