Dear Future

Dear Future

On the off chance that you, my reader, are a 23rd Century social historian writing a thesis on early 21st Century culture as evidenced by the brief craze for blogging during that era (hello), then please accept some advice, and a plea for caution.

You must understand that bloggers are not necessarily representative of the population at large. There are multitudes who consider such activity to be needless, frivolous, or downright terrifying or dangerous. We are not quite right in the head, in terms of general perception.

We live in a deeply primitive society, barely evolved from that of our stone age forebears, where the basis for all relations (both personal and political) is grounded in the concepts of control, exploitation and fear. The key weapons in the arsenal of those who seek to exploit and control are shame and judgement, which are doled out repetitively, to curtail freedom of expression.

Unfortunately, this requires a certain degree of self-censorship, even from me. I do not give a flying lemming what people think of me, but this is considered abnormal. It is not a choice I can make on behalf of others, and sadly this necessitates the occasional application of restraint. I do not live in a vacuum, so inevitably there are certain holes in my narrative, gaps where I must allow others to make their own choices.

I recommend you watch the late 20th Century film by Mike Leigh, Secrets and Lies. This is a reasonable depiction of the day to day terror that people live with. The terror of the real, the intimate, the truthful. The ways that fear, and the brutality of people that instil that fear, diminish our humanity. Alternatively you might want to check out the early work of David Lynch and consider his themes of the unspoken taboos that lurk just beneath the veneer of suburban America.

People are still routinely villified, intimidated, and even butchered, for their beliefs, race, and sexual preferences.

Read our poets, by all means. But do not mistake their experience for that of all. I would like to say they mirror the fundamentals of all humanity, but in truth I cannot and do not know. Humanity is rather tight-lipped in response to them. The fear is a pandemic.

I hope that things are different for you, in our future. That things have been learned. But I doubt it. I expect it is true that the only lesson of history is that people do not learn from history.

Your bloggily


P.S. You should also be aware that bloggers are not above writing ironic, hypothetical letters to the future as a means of exploring the tension of honesty and restraint in the mind of the writer in the present. Fair warning and all that.


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