Billy Bragg

It seems that the rampant stupidity, ignorance, inhumanity and parochial self-interest of the far right’s reaction to the refugee crisis won’t abate any time soon.

I suspect Billy Bragg is not well known outside England (I have no idea if the stuff he did with re-imagining the works of Woody Guthrie had any kind of impact in the US) but his cover of “The Wall” by Anais Mitchell is, for me, still the best riposte. I stuck this on Facebook a few months ago, but is worth repeating here.

The Wall

I’ll miss Billy when he is gone. He was the voice of my teenage years. One of his more recent songs (and videos) that hit the spot was this one

Handyman Blues

It’s refreshing to have a portrayal of masculinity that does not revolve around power tools, shooting animals, and driving penis extensions (not that I would need one).



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