NaPoWriMo2016: Reflections

It’s over! Have I learned anything?

1. Never try and write serious poetry about custard. Just don’t.

2. You can’t always say what your subconscious is up to. Last night I performed Dominatrix at a poetry evening and afterwards someone came up and said it was worthy of Victoria Wood. I wrote it on 21st April, the day after her death, which had saddened me. I was unaware that was in the poem, but somehow my brain put it there without me noticing.

3. Writing a poem every day pushes you in different directions. I have written in subjects, styles and voices I would not have thought I would.

4. Writing a poem every day makes you more alert to the poetic in the everyday around you.

5. Be careful of method poetry. I spent a day imitating the mating antics of the blue-footed booby in the yard behind my office on my work breaks.

6. In the last week, after a long hiatus, I organised myself to fire off a few poems for potential publication. I also dug out older poems from when I started writing them 8 months ago, and realised that they weren’t very good, but now I’m getting better. It’s encouraging to see yourself make progress.

7. I really really don’t like custard and wish I had the words to say just how much.

8. I have never sat down and said “I want to write about x”. I have written about whatever, and you can then perhaps see what it is you want to write about. I think it’s better that way.

9. I can’t stop. Although a short breather may be in order.