Shades of grey

Lately it seems that every conversation I have starts with a yes but…

Someone said I shouldn’t stop holding out for what I want. I countered that sometimes you have to just accept what you’ve got. Someone else talked about how we shouldn’t hang on to bad relationships. I said true, but sometimes you need loyalty and perseverance, and it depends on the context, and from where you have come.

The trouble with dogmatic positions is that they resemble stopped clocks. You are bound to be right some of the time.

It’s good to have self-belief and not tolerate those who shame or diminish you. It’s good to be realistic about your own limitations and understand that some things you cannot change. It’s good to be sensitive, it’s good to be frank. It’s good not to care what others think, but I am social and affected by indifference, praise, criticism and violence.

The older I get, the less I am certain of, and the less bothered I am about being right. Whatever that is.


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