Loose Ends

As in, I’m at one. So I thought I’d highlight a few blogs that I have come to read regularly for pleasure.

Robert Okaji is a poet and I find his work to be consistently good, authentic, illuminating and resonant. Can’t ask for more than that.

RosieBooks writes some of the best poetry and short fiction I have found in blog-land, and sprinkles it with the meandering eye of a philosopholic (her word). She deserves a wider readership.

Maja at “Business in Rhyme” posts regular inspirational quotes on the creative process and writing. She is also a damn fine poet too, and I keep trying to encourage her to write and post more of her own work. She is currently doing the NaPoWriMo Challenge.

Elan Mudrow posts infrequently but again, writes beautiful poetry.

Last but not least VioletOnline is…NSFW, not for the prudish or for those of a sensitive disposition. She is the stone in my shoe. I have twice sworn to stop reading her blog and failed to do so miserably. She provokes me to laughter, tears, shouting, swearing, jealousy and longing on a daily basis. She is South African. She is like an Australian on steroids. She lives in fucking Johannesburg. She once opined that all accountants are shit in bed and sorely needs some re-education on that point.  If we ever meet we will probably kill each other.

(rant over…I feel better for that)

NaPoWriMo has pointed me toward a whole host of new and interesting bloggers, and over time as I get a better feel for them I shall probably repeat this exercise for new friends 🙂


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