Further to my previous post here is the template for the ezine

Algebra of Owls

It took ages to find a theme which allowed me to get rid of the sidebar when displaying the blog posts (under “poetry”). Currently the Welcome page is just a copy of the “About” page but would in time cover general waffle and info. I would likely add an “Events” page for one-off irregular happenings.

Any comments on the look/feel would be welcome!


5 thoughts on “Test

  1. I like it! When I look at it from my mini iPad the pic of the owl is quite small and I wonder if it is meant to be ‘header size’? Sometimes my devices show me different pics of what I have done! The name you have chosen is perfect, perfect, perfect šŸ™‚

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  2. I like the look of it; Poetry sites, in particular, should be as clean and “distraction free” as possible, so that the focus is on the words. (On a side note, if I may be so bold, there appears to be a bit of a typo in the second paragraph: should “around the word” perhaps be “around the world”?)

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