A Few Good Men

It’s the final scene of “A Few Good Men”.

Tension’s riding high in the courtroom. Mr Leave-Voter is in the dock and for weeks, months Tom Cruise has been gently discussing the niceties. Economy. Workers’ Rights. Sovereignty. Democracy. National Security. Playing fair.

Mr Leave-Voter’s calmly gone along with it all. Pretended to be interested in the facts, in rational argument. Knowing that no-one is going to call his bluff. For twenty years he’s had to pay lip-service to integration, multi-culturalism, an inclusive European Society. Muttering about “Political Correctness Gone Mad”. Angry that he’s not allowed to admit he’s a racist any more, that it’s just not done.

But now he’s getting his chance to stand in that booth and vent all that repressed hate in a single bloody cross. To even up the long years of frustration.

Tom’s coming on strong now.

“Mr Leave-Voter. Tell me! Are you a goddamned racist!!!”

The bile’s rising; he wants to say yes. He wants to break the silence and shout it from the rooftops.

Go on then. Say it, damn you. Say it.


2 thoughts on “A Few Good Men

  1. Perfect. This right here is an exact mirror of what’s happening with Donald Trump in America. His followers couldn’t care less about his actual policies (because he doesn’t have any), they are just thrilled with the possibility of getting to bellow their racism from those rooftops…

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