Update on Murder of Jo Cox

For the benefit of my international readers, a man has been charged with the murder of Jo Cox.

“Thomas Mair has given his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain” as he appeared in court charged with the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.”

So let’s be clear about this. Her murder was the politically motivated act of a man infected by the hateful rhetoric of the far right.

About a week ago I got embroiled in a mini-discussion on Facebook. I said that anyone voting “Leave” had to take responsibility for their contribution to the potential outcome of legitimisation of the racist rhetoric of the Leave campaign, and of those like Nigel Farage that peddle such hateful bile. I was told to “Stop moralising”.

Damn right I was moralising. If I see individuals capitalising on fear to spread an agenda of hate, yeah, I’ll stand up and call that immoral. This is why it is so important that “Leave” does not win this referendum. All other issues aside, their intolerance and hate cannot be allowed to triumph.

That is not the country I stand for, and we must vote “Remain” to show that to the world. Whatever issues there are with the EU (and granted, there are some issues), we should work them out from within it, not from outside it. Simples.


2 thoughts on “Update on Murder of Jo Cox

  1. As one of those ‘pesky Poles’, living and working in the UK, it’s clear which side of the referendum question I stand on. I am deeply shocked by this murder, can only agree with your sentiments. Unfortunately, this slide towards a trigger-happy kind of nationalism is reaching epidemic proportions, in the whole of Europe.I honestly don’t think the majority of voters realise how precariously balanced things are.

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