Self-Cleaning Public Toilets


You know the ones. Like this, on street corners.


Question. What happens inside after you leave and the door closes? Exactly? I sometimes get bothered when there are things I do not know. I need an accomplice. To enter one with me; they would leave; I could stand on the lid inside (maybe with an umbrella, certainly a raincoat) and observe the self-cleaning shenanigans up close and personal.

I just want to know.

Also, I have some self-adhesive sheets of A4 paper and I have had the idea of printing poems on them – with a pseudonym – and attaching them to the walls of public toilets, inside, so folks have something to read. So I need to understand the self-cleaning rituals in case there are any spots where they would just be slowly washed away.

I would need a second accomplice too, as female-only toilets are difficult to access. If not an accomplice, a lot of dieting and a nice frock.

Large post-its are available. Handmade free poetry dispensers. With glitter. Anything that puts anonymous poems where poetry books and magazines don’t go. Like toilets.


3 thoughts on “Self-Cleaning Public Toilets

  1. This killed me: “… a lot of dieting and a nice frock.” That aside, I fully support your concept of shared poetry in semi-private places. Something to touch their soul whilst they touch their… anyway, GREAT concept!

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  2. A Tumblr person I know of loves to go round leaving his poetry on trees and such like. I have sneaky ideas of dotting a few within library books or any lonesome book left alone t fend for itself. Thanks for the laugh as I popped my pomegranate seeds 😉

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