The week that was

I once had a scouser boss who at 4pm every Friday would recline in his office chair and declare, loudly “What a week! What a week!


  • Brexit referendum. Traumatised by the naked display of attitudes I thought had died out with the dinosaurs. Anxious about result.
  • Shower leak collapsed half my kitchen ceiling. No money to get it fixed.
  • Dad taken into hospital with lung infection and heart failure. Staff instructed not to resuscitate. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
  • Spent Tuesday afternoon in custody suite of Leeds Police Station (not directly to do with me, mind). Novel experience. Nice policewoman had lovely shoes.
  • Finally comfortable with myself now I’m spending more time promoting others than me via Algebra of Owls and my set-up discovery of anonymous poetry thing The Chinaski Project
  • Someone told me I have a sexy voice. I disagree but I’m not going to argue.

The week that was. Really.


5 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. I hope that the drama starts to calm down a little now, and that your dad is ok. Glad you didn’t get crushed by half your kitchen, small mercies 🙂

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