There are no words.

Nigel Farage saying “we won without a bullet being fired”.

The man is a disgrace.

And when I see a senior representative of our socialist party saying on TV that they need to acknowledge the concerns of voters and adopt their policies to suit…. Can I paraphrase that for you? You want to acknowledge that a significant percentage of your core voters are racists and change your policies to some kind of fascist ne0-socialism? For years we have managed to make progress because of a consensus amongst governments of both persuasions that naked racism could be defeated by not allowing it a platform in mainstream politics. I look at my own kids and know that it was a war for hearts and minds being won. I look at the data saying that over 70% of our young people wanted to “Remain” and know we had pretty much done it. And yet we now have to deal with this clusterfuck.

The only progressive thing we are left with is a few rock bands; and frankly only ones that haven’t been popular in a long time.


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