Sordid Past

I have a confession.

I was at University with David Cameron. Same college. I’m not proud.

However, I do remember getting pissed in the college bar once and calling him a twat. Some things don’t change. I should probably write the poem “I got pissed and called Cameron a twat”, and it is a regret that I cannot truthfully write a poem called “I got pissed, called Cameron a twat and poured my pint over his head”. Because I didn’t.

I am slightly suspicious of people that claim to not have any regrets. Give over. I understand the principle that this may be mentally healthy and positive. But is is also inhuman, and I don’t believe you.

Yesterday someone described my poetry as “edgy”. I think it’s fair to say I sometimes eschew social niceties (although I sometimes “do” sentimental too). *shrug*


3 thoughts on “Sordid Past

  1. No one who has called Cameron a twat needs to worry about regrets, everything else you might have done wrong is made irrelevant by that one act. Kudos.

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