I keep trying to point out how much of a disaster the referendum result is.

People keep saying what they said to me before. Predictions. You are just making predictions. Nobody knows.

I just want to point out that there is a qualitative difference between a prediction, and something that has already happened. A difference between a prediction and a pre-ordained consequence of a decision.

Let’s start with the latter. I do not “predict” that leaving the EU will end freedom of movement for British Citizens in the EU, OK? That particular freedom was a benefit of EU membership. Outside the EU, we lose it. You would be amazed how many people in response to that kind of assertion say “Oh you’re just making predictions”. That betrays a complete lack of understanding what you were voting for, what the EU is, how it works.

Second, yeah I made some predictions that were just predictions. You got me. Like the meltdown of financial markets globally. The resignation of our Prime Minister. The total confusion in the resulting void. The in-fighting on the left.

These are no longer predictions, even if you want to continue referring to them as such. They are already happening, or have happened. How many more weeks are going to pass before you notice this? For how long can you pretend that these consequences are not reality? Or do you just have too much stubborn in you to say “sorry, you were right”.

Oh that was my other prediction. That a “Leave” result would strengthen the hand of far right parties not just here, but across Europe (fascist leaders across Europe have already been queuing up to say a huge huge “THANKYOU” to Britain by the way). That such a result would legitimise and embolden all racists and cause an outbreak of brazen prejudice and hate. And stop saying I’m calling you a racist. I’m not. I never did. I said if you vote Leave you will help racists achieve and push their agenda, which is not the same thing.

How is that prediction going? For my non-UK readers, check out this stuff that is happening around Britain right now.

Hate Crime Album




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