Please write for us?

A curious email today. Some “Zeitgeist” type website has asked me to write for them. Sort of. I checked them out and see they have numerous content categories  – News, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sport, blah blah blah. I’m not sure where I would fit in as it seemed to lack a section for…

“48 year old male divorcees in personal meltdown with an insanely manipulable weakness for brunettes in heels and black stockings”

There is a “Voices” page though. Maybe they think I’m one of those. Disembodied.

I worry on several counts. One, they may have been misled by my recent political thrashing fits, unaware that my usual content is obscure poetic rambling. Two, I worry that it is all a cynical ploy to flatter my ego while they rake in some kind of advertising revenue in response to their freely provided content. Three, they seem a bit confused about my identity. They like “EdgeOfTheBellCurve” but the email was addressed:

“Dear Algebra”

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to be called Algebra. Changing my name to “Algebra Jones” would be brilliant. It is gender nonspecific, so if in the future I should ever wake up and want a sex change I would already have a name to suit. One less thing to worry about.

Yes, this question has troubled me. What might I call myself if  were female? The obvious choices (“Paula” or “Pauline”) leave me absolutely stone cold. Would not do at all. Something like “Delores Raven” would be vastly superior, and I would adopt the dress of the Femme Fatale, or maybe more of a Sally Bowles type. Including green nail varnish. I’m sure this thorny question keeps most other people awake at night too.


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