It’s all over now

This year’s Poetry at the Parsonage festival is over.

I performed two sets. I got strong-armed into a competitive poetry slam I was wholly unsuited for, but enjoyed anyway despite being a makeweight. A stranger saw me on the street and said they liked my poems. I got to hear a whole bunch of great and interesting voices. My absolute favourite was Clare Shaw who completely wowwed me. Yes, that did have three x “W” in it, on purpose. I adored both her poems and her live delivery/performance. I would trek through heather bog-lands in blizzards to hear her again.

Plug inserted here

I did not get drunk (although I met non-poet friends in Leeds on Saturday after the festival and made up for that).

And on Friday I did not sleep alone. Despite everything I have said and vowed in this blog. 

So shoot me.



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