Ups and downs.

Algebra of Owls is now listed on Duotrope which may generate more contacts and visibility. My unsolicited submissions continue to have a strong US bias, which is interesting…I still suspect that e-publishing is generally viewed more favourably in the US than in the UK.

Personally, I am developing a personal preference for submitting to e-zines, simply because the enormous wait times for submissions to print journals, whilst understandable, drive me crazy. Three or four months, then if it’s a “no” then it’s start-over time for those poems somewhere else.

In contrast I submitted a poem to an e-zine last week and got a “no” the next day. Submitted elsewhere, got a “yes” the day after. So that’s three days flat to organise two submissions and an acceptance. That kind of turnaround takes all the stress out of the process. You may not score so high on the “feather-in-cap” scale but frankly that’s not something I worry about overly. To be taken seriously is a low priority for me compared to straightforward availability to potential readers *shrug* 

Tomorrow is my nephew’s wedding. I have been utterly disorganised about this, as I have been struggling to focus and concentrate recently. My teenage son is coming with me and I have just been trying to find him something to wear for it by rooting through my “when-I-was-less-fat-and-maybe-they’ll-fit-again-one-day” bags in my wardrobe. Successfully! He looks pretty smart by his standards. I will be doing my best to fulfil my role as bat-shit crazy uncle cameo. I don’t have to try too hard.

Right now I am off work. I saw my doctor at the start of this week and when I suggested it might be better if I just keep plugging on showing up every day, he basically told me to stop being a daft bugger as I was obviously in no fit state to be doing so. I actually felt relieved that the pressure of that was lifted. There are various negative consequences of this too of course, but ultimately shelving that problem should enable me to get to grips with the underlying problems better and faster than whilst trying to do stuff that I am frankly not remotely capable of dealing with (which just makes everything worse). As long as I have my hat I’ll be fine.

Mmm that was a philosophy-free zone and likely not hugely interesting.



3 thoughts on “Disorganisation

    • I agree. I think that any publication that depends on paid subscribers will ultimately shy away from anything that might upset their financial base, and avoid eclecticism in favour of sticking with what their readers like. E-zines have the freedom to pursue eclectic “bleeding edge” work.


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