Family Wedding

I could detail the long history of troubles that such events invariably crystallise, but I will spare my nephew their exposition. This was the day for him and his new wife. Good luck to them. I was there for that.

Six hours on trains in one day is quite fraught too. Especially when teenage-son has two pints and becomes instantly drunk, much to the surprise and amusement of all. Negotiated him home via an hour’s kip on my ex-sister-in-law’s sofa.

He did manage to pass me a cup of Starbucks’ coffee on which he had loosened the lid without telling me, which resulted in me enduring the final leg home from Manchester to Leeds with a curious new brown hue over my shirt, and smelling distinctly of coffee and nutmeg. I think I reacted pretty calmly under the circumstances.

At least we didn’t get stuck in Manchester overnight. Again. I’m not sure I could have borne that.

Other twin nephew’s girlfriend lovely.

And time to get some sleep.


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