My e-zine thingy Algebra…  specifically does not mention my name. It does, however, feature a quotation by Kim Addonizio in the submission guidelines so it was perhaps inevitable when an email landed in the Poetry Inbox beginning…

“Dear Kim Addonizio…”

I have previously speculated on what sex I might have been viewed as by mysterious emailers but this one was quite unequivocal. Sadly, I possess no cheap red dresses, and do not wish to jump upon the first beautiful man that I find.

In other news, several pals of mine today took part in a jolly poetry corner at a local family festival called “Happygate“. I had bucked out as a participant as I might not have been able to make it and didn’t want to have to let anyone down, but turfed up anyway just to listen with my two younger children in tow. Said pals struggle to do family-friendly happy stuff at the best of times, and one even managed a poem about a dead child just to get everyone thoroughly in the mood.

The crowd was lifted by Tim who did highly energetic renditions of his famous audience participation animal and bird poems. My kids loved yelling “OSTRICH” and “600 ELEPHANTS” repeatedly. Thank you Tim.

One comment on my last blog entry practically begged me to post my flasher stroke constipated-dog Pokemon poem. Having bounced it off a couple of friends it needs more work before it can see the light of day. I had rashly submitted it to an online journal before realising it needed some hard yards, so I expect and hope it will get turned down so I can tackle it properly. That’ll teach me to be over-eager and premature.

Oh I’ll sneak this in…another poem accepted, this time by Peeking Cat Poetry, which classes as a print journal. She said yes inside ten minutes of me firing off the email, which was pretty astonishing. I’m having a good run….


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