After a very long absence, a quick update.

These days I sink 20 to 30 hours a month into running the Algebra of Owls online poetry magazine and all its ancillary parts, and it’s a lot of fun. I take an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction from providing a platform for the writing of others, more than I got from running a blog centred around my own thoughts and writing.

My own writing has continued in the guise of poetry, although I have less time for that than I once did. I still perform it locally, and submit it to magazine Editors in the hope they might like it enough to publish; but I don’t have the time any more to run or maintain a separate personal blog.

I will continue to curate the “Published Work” section of this blog, but won’t be making a song and dance about it. Otherwise, Edge of the Bell Curve is effectively mothballed. I doubt that Algebra of Owls, or the success I have personally had as a published poet, would have come about without Edge of the Bell Curve as a precursor, but time and life has moved on.

I barely get time to check other personal blog posts any more as there is a lot of online poetry to keep abreast of, but I will endeavour to dip in from time to time to see what people are up to.

Best wishes